Toll Signs Helicopter Emergency Retrieval Contract

Australia’s largest provider of transport and logistics, Toll Group, has signed an aeromedical contract with the NSW Health Administration Corporation that is expected to generate revenues of approximately $800 million over 10 years.

The work will see eight new, purpose-built medical helicopters service the southern half of NSW and the ACT from four bases, as well as building and operating an aeromedical training centre of excellence at Bankstown Airport, a first in Australia.

Toll Group Managing Director Brian Kruger said Toll will take advantage of its air evacuation and search and rescue expertise to provide an outstanding emergency response service to the people of NSW and the ACT.

“Every year in NSW and ACT there is more than 3,000 flights needed for emergencies such as car accidents, inter-hospital transfers and search and rescue tasks,” Mr Kruger said.

“Toll is well known for providing operational excellence in a range of transport services, including helicopter services for the Australian Federal Police in the Solomon Islands and the Australian Defence Force in East Timor, and providing disaster relief management support across the Asia Pacific region on behalf of Australian Government agencies.

“The experience we bring will give confidence to the people of NSW and the ACT that an outstanding helicopter medical rescue service is available.”

One of the pilots set to work on the new contract, Chief Pilot Colin ‘Gunny’ Gunn said he was excited to apply his more than 14 years of experience that includes emergency response missions in the Solomon Islands.

“It is an absolute honour to lead the flight operations that will service the people of NSW and ACT,” Gunny said.
“The thing that I’ve noticed working for Toll is its professionalism when it comes to safety and reliability. The helicopters we fly all over the world are the best in the business, and the choppers we’ll have for this new contract will be no different.
“I can’t wait to get to work and start helping the people of NSW and the ACT in times of need.”

One of the highlights of Toll’s capabilities is the development of an aeromedical training centre of excellence at Bankstown Airport.
The state-of-the-art training centre will include flight and training simulators, advanced underwater escape training complex, and wet and dry winching practice towers.

Mr Kruger said the centre of excellence at Bankstown will allow Toll to deliver world’s best helicopter emergency retrieval service for NSW Ambulance.

“All Toll and NSW Ambulance staff will be trained to international best practise by utilising the most modern training programs and techniques and the latest simulation technology.”

More than 100 highly-skilled operational and engineering roles will be created in the lead-up to operations starting in January 2017.