Reaching New Heights with Yusen Logistics

Yusen Logistics is the NYK Group’s logistics arm, which has become a top player with a distinctive identity. Through dedication to high quality service, strong global networks and customer satisfaction, over the past 45 years Yusen Logistics Thailand has grown to include over 3500 staff in 17 strategic locations across Thailand. The Thailand division has become the region’s largest branch of Yusen Logistics.

In this issue of AFL, we shine the spotlight on Yusen’s air cargo division. AFL recently had the opportunity to speak with the top executives from Yusen Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.’s air freight team: Mr. Tadashi Iseki, Vice President, Mr. Akihiro Hachio, General Manager, Air Import Forwarding Group, and Ms. Nantapak Ratanaprateepkorn, General Manager, Air Export Forwarding Group.

Introducing the Executives

Yusen Logistics is not your typical workplace. Well-known for its friendly and welcoming corporate culture, the company boasts highly experienced teams of specialists for every aspect of the supply chain. In fact, the executives of Yusen’s air freight team have all been with the company for at least a decade. They are a great example of the dedication and loyalty that Yusen inspires in its staff.


Mr. Iseki began working in the air freight industry immediately after he graduated from university. He describes his experience, “The first company I worked for was a small air freight forwarder. I enjoyed working in the air cargo industry, but after ten years there, I felt limited by the company’s size and resources. I wanted to be able to do more, so I thought to move to a company that operates on a larger scale. In 1988 I had the exciting opportunity to join Yusen Air & Sea, which has now become Yusen Logistics. Now, I’ve been with Yusen Logistics for 26 years. If you ask why I’ve stayed with the company for so long, I would have to say it’s because of the company’s friendly and honest corporate culture. I’ve felt welcome since the first day I began working here.”

Ms. Ratanaprateepkorn, on the other hand, had never worked in air cargo before she joined Yusen Logistics. The organization trained her and invested in her from the very beginning. “When I graduated from university I worked for an automotive company for a short time, then I joined Yusen Logistics. It was my first experience working in logistics, and I’ve enjoyed it since the start. I’ve now been with Yusen for 28 years. What I like most about working here are the encouraging working environment and the knowledge that I’ve gained over the years. I’ve learned so much in my time at Yusen.”

Mr. Hachio is the newest member of the team, but that doesn’t mean he’s inexperienced – he’s actually been with Yusen for 15 years. “Yusen Logistics was my first – and only – employer since I graduated from university. I’ve been with Yusen for 15 years and have never thought to change, because this company is an amazing place to work. In fact, being at Yusen has allowed me to fulfill my lifelong dream of working abroad. Being assigned to work in Thailand has been an absolute dream come true for me. I love being able to work on a team that works seamlessly together to find the best solutions for our customers.”

Yusen Offers the Best to its Customers

Yusen’s team stands out for being one of the most experienced in the business – as well as one of the most dedicated. They are happiest when their customers are satisfied, as Mr. Iseki explains, “Because many air cargo shipments arise from urgent situations, this industry is very strongly driven by deadlines. This makes our jobs more challenging but also more satisfying, because Yusen takes pride in our ability to meet our customers’ deadlines and provide a satisfactory solution under critical circumstances.”

Mr. Akihiro Hachio, General Manager, Air Import Forwarding Group.Yusen Logistics (Thailand)

I feel happy when our hard work results in on-time deliveries that help our customers avoid costly situations.

Becoming a leading player in the Thai logistics market also requires extensive networks and resources. Yusen Logistics has built one of Thailand’s strongest logistics networks, particularly for air freight. The logistics provider’s eight air cargo warehouses, totaling 250,000 sqm, are strategically located to provide convenient and fast transport to and from Suvarnabhumi airport. Yusen has also been working on strengthening its air freight services by negotiating with a number of airlines to secure capacity and get competitive pricing.

And as a member of the NYK Group, Yusen Logistics can provide a total one-stop logistics service that encompasses a wide variety of services. Mr. Hachio says, “Yusen Logistics Thailand doesn’t just provide air freight forwarding – we can fulfill any of the tasks that customers require. We offer services such as air freight forwarding, ocean freight forwarding, warehousing, customs clearance, cross border transport and inland transportation. With 45 years of experience in Thailand, Yusen is especially proficient with customs clearance. In fact, we were the first company to receive AEO certification in Thailand.”

Ready for 2015

As Thailand and its neighbors prepare themselves for the ASEAN Economic Community’s (AEC) implementation at the end of 2015, logistics service providers are also making plans that will help them adapt to the more open marketplace. Yusen Logistics has already set up offices in Cambodia and Myanmar, and is in talks with an agent in Laos. The company is optimistic that not only will the economy improve in 2015, but the AEC will also bring in more business opportunities.

Ms. Nantapak Ratanaprateepkorn, General Manager, Air Export Forwarding Group

“Thailand is a very important market for Yusen Logistics. The country is a major manufacturing base supplying parts for ASEAN countries, East Asian countries and North America, as well as an important supplier of foodstuffs. With the AEC, Thailand has the opportunity to become an important distribution hub for nearby countries due to its location, infrastructure and economy. We’re preparing to expand our cross border services to Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, and we also expect that air cargo exports from Thailand will grow after the AEC is implemented,” comments Ms. Ratanaprateepkorn.

Yusen Logistics provides nothing less than the best for their customers. The logistics provider has some of the most dedicated employees in the industry, continually works on expanding and improving its services, and is always planning ahead for the future. Mr. Iseki concludes, “At Yusen Logistics, our goal is to provide the best service at the right price. Backed by global networks, cooperation and hard work, we’ve been able to achieve this for our customers.”