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EdiFly: 500 Percent more Messages – 75% less cost

In this fast-moving world, permanence and rigidity almost have no place to stand. What considered as the best is constantly being replaced by the better-than-the-best and, sometimes, the cheaper. So is the world of messaging. The traditional messaging system, like SITA, used to cost a fortune for an airline to transmit data between business partners and customers. Interchanging data consisting of a million characters can cost up to billions of dollars. An airline has to struggle to meet the most basic rule of making business: to minimize costs. However, since the introduction of EdiFly in 2011, the aviation messaging has forever changed.

So, what is EdiFly? Basically, EdiFly seamlessly connects different platforms, internal personnel and external partners without impacting the existing operations by providing an innovative technology that allows a company to grow message volumes while cutting the cost for exchanges. Once installed, EdiFly will monitor the user’s server and check all outgoing messages to track other EdiFly users. When other users are identified, data can be interchanged between the users via the Internet free of charge. In simpler words, EdiFly is an analogy to Skype for aviation industry. No more phone bills, no more excessive messaging costs. By making most use of the Internet, the system can transmit more than billions of characters of data with less than a quarter of the traditional system’s service charge. This means 500% more messages can be transmitted while up to 75% of Type B/X messages, AirIMP, CargoIMP, EDIFACT and XML transmission costs and data management costs can be saved as a result.

Also, in addition to its ability to cut costs, EdiFly guarantees a secured and encrypted system with digital receipt verification. Messages are digitally signed before they are transmitted directly to business partners. Unlike FTP or other proprietary services, users can fully track, if and when the data has reached the recipient.

Plus, EdiFly is also compatible with traditional EDI networks, such as SITA or ARINC, if the recipient is not an EdiFly user. However, the community of EdiFly family is rapidly growing with members such as Cargolux, who reportedly saved up to 1.1 million dollars after installing EdiFly. The traditional networks are losing their reign in the industry with EdiFly coming into the picture. Others hosts of EdiFly include SABRE, ISA, RADIXX, Swissport, Menzies, Air Portugal, DB Schenker, LUG, SATS, HACTL, RIEGE Software, Sharjah Aviation Services and many more.

EdiFly also provides a free trial for in-depth testing of EDIfly’s proven record of reliable live production.