Ms. Wongsuwan, DHL Global Forwarding

In this issue, we would like to introduce Ms. Patnaree Wongsuwan, a talented and friendly twenty-first-century woman fully packed with sense of fashion from DHL Global Forwarding who is going to share with us her experience in the logistics industry and how to handle with challenges in this fast-paced line of work.

Tell us about your current position and your responsibilities.

Currently, my position is Trade Lane Manager which is part of the sales department. My main responsibility is to provide in-depth information, like news on service routes of DHL, to sales officers. Since DHL is a world-class organization with more than 250 offices around the world, I was assigned to monitor services in EMEA, consisting of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, so that when a sales officer contacts a customer, that customer will have confidence in DHL and our genuine expertise. Thus, my work answers to this need to create confidence and satisfaction to customers.

How did you first start working in this industry and where did you work before becoming part of DHL?

After I graduated from abroad, I came back to Thailand and worked my first job with Air Express International as Assistant Country Manager. Then, I was given a more challenging opportunity to monitor and oversee international warehouses. Not long after that, Air Express was merged with DHL and I continued to work in this industry until assigned with the current position.

In your opinion, what are the challenges of working in the logistics industry?

I think the challenging part for people who work in this field is that we have to always be ambitious and open-minded because the world of logistics never ceases to grow.

Transportation in the present is different from the past in a way that it has become more versatile. Besides, I like learning new things, such as the AEC, new service routes, or new solutions or innovations. These are the reasons why I enjoy my work and keep pushing my limits.

What is your impression from working with DHL?

I think DHL is an organization that values its human resources and insists on keep improving its staff. It teaches me to keep learning and gives me the chance to learn and increase my skills in other aspects. Moreover, DHL sees the value and potential in every employee. DHL also gave me the opportunity to continue my studies in management in China. Apart from academic knowledge, I have gained from that opportunity experience with DHL employees from all over the world coming to their work experience and have learnt managerial strategies from executives of DHL China. From that, I have integrated the knowledge and skills into my responsibilities for higher efficiency.

What would you say to the new generations coming into the workforce?

If you have the chance to work in the logistics industry, I ask you to work with devotion and be patient. Most importantly, you must be service-minded. If we are able to satisfy our customers, they will come back to us and become our regular customers.