See What it Takes to Transport Horses

Ever wondered what it takes to transport horses overseas? These guys know exactly what it takes. Equine International Airfreight specializes in providing a personalized quality service including the provision of all associated equine health and logistics solutions required for international air horse transport.

The company was started by Mr Crispin Bennett who has been active in the international movement of horses for more than 30 years. His in depth knowledge of international quarantine protocols and requirements along with air freight procedures, means he is well positioned to provide the best advice on import/export transport preparation and delivery for your horses.

The company has transported horses to and from vast regions of the globe and regularly has services to and from Europe, Asia and New Zealand. Non standard air freight routes have also be used including such destinations as India, Brunei, China and Myamar. The company has also forged close alliances with airlines with impeccable safety records such as Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Federal Express and KLM for scheduled freight routes and specific charter services.