TIFFA and Kale Support e-AWB Implementation in Thailand

TIFFA EDI Services Co., Ltd., part of the TIFFA group, has rolled out EDI messaging in conformance with IATA CARIMP standards, for two Thailand based forwarding companies: Mass Transport Express Co., Ltd. and Pioneer Air Cargo Co., Ltd.
The TIFFA EDI application, ezyCompliance, is powered by UPLIFT, a cargo community platform developed by Kale Logistics Solutions. TIFFA EDI has brought to Thailand this application which lets forwarders start filing their AWBs electronically immediately. The e-AWB filing service on TIFFA EDI platform is completely compliant with local industry regulations. Presently forwarders can utilize this service by three different mechanisms: an EDI interface or third party interface (TPI), direct filing to the portal using web login, and counter service for forwarders who cannot use either TPI or portal.

Mr. Witoon Santibunyarat, CEO, Mass Transport Express Co., Ltd. commented, “Prior to the start of the e-AWB project with TIFFA EDI, we were not very sure about the way that the e-AWB filing process will be managed. However, the entire pilot phase and eventual launch of the ezyCompliance system happened very smoothly. We are now utilizing ezyCompliance service for transactions involving filing of electronic information pertaining to various cargo types: perishables, general cargo and dangerous goods. We are now benefiting from electronic filing of information and staying compliant with ENS/AMS requirements.”

Mr. Pipat Ratanatraiphob, CEO, Pioneer Air Cargo Co., Ltd. stated that “TIFFA EDI follows stringent process standards and has the requisite domain expertise to understand our region and business.

We have been using TIFFA EDI’s services for 6 months and have already experienced reduced processing costs due to the removal of paper AWB and the elimination of the need to file paper AWB.

The ezyCompliance system verifies complete data, flight information and charges for respective shipments, saving us significant time and money. We are confident that as promised TIFFA’s system has the potential to go beyond e-freight.”

“Forwarders in Thailand can now benefit from reduced costs, higher productivity, better reliability, accuracy and efficiency and be part of the industry initiative. We have already sent EDI for more than 1,000 shipments in the last four months to 8 main carriers operating from the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. The ezyCompliance application provides forwarders with a single window view of all shipments across several airlines. Our clients are already saving up to 500 baht per electronic filing to the airline’s system,” said Mr. Anusorn Lovichit, Managing Director, TIFFA EDI Services Co., Ltd.

“The key differentiator for the TIFFA EDI system is the fact that it incorporates global best practices, is a proven platform in Asian markets and a highly scalable platform designed to facilitate electronic data exchange at its core,” said Mr. Amar More, SVP, Kale Logistics Solutions.