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Hactl Signs Ten Year Extension at Hong Kong Int’l Airport

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl) – Hong Kong’s largest cargo handling agent – has signed a new, 10-year extension of its handling franchise at the airport. The new agreement with Hong Kong’s Airport Authority runs from July 2018, when the current franchise expires.

The signing of the new agreement is clear confirmation of Hactl’s long-term commitment to the airport, and its role as the original and still largest operator. Says Chief Executive Mr. Mark Whitehead: “I don’t believe we can send a clearer signal about our total commitment both to the airport and to the future of our business. Hactl is here to stay.

“We are also committed to on-going investment in capital equipment, systems and our staff to ensure we continue to provide the quality of service demanded by our customer base.”

But Mr. Whitehead also warns of the importance of the third runway project to Hong Kong’s future as a major hub: “All future predictions and expressions of confidence are predicated on the opening of Hong Kong’s third runway at the earliest possible opportunity. Standing still is not an option. Hong Kong International Airport must expand to accommodate the needs of the logistics industry, which is such an important pillar of the Hong Kong economy.”