Bangkok Airways

Ms. Chiamanukulkij, Bangkok Airways

This month, AFL is pleased to introduce Bangkok Airways Senior Executive – Cargo, Ms. Wasinee Chiamanukulkij. This multi-talented woman is happy to share her experiences of working and overcoming challenges in the air cargo industry.

Ms. Chiamanukulkij, could you please tell us about some of the experiences you had before you assumed this position, as well as what your current job responsibilities are?

10 years ago, I started working with Bangkok Airways as a Management Trainee. I spent six months in that role under the charter flights division. Since then I have been responsible for air freight services. After the company’s reorganization, I have also been responsible for the sales department – both domestic and international. My main task is to coordinate with the operations team in order to improve our service efficiency.

What do you like most about working in this field?

This job is exciting. You’re constantly facing new challenges. Personally, I always want to challenge myself and try to do new things because it is not only good for me but also for the organization. So, I am willing to do it.

What do you like best about working with Bangkok Airways?

Bangkok Airways is a unique organization, in line with its slogan of ‘Asia’s Boutique Airline’. In our company, we work like we are a family. The company encourages employees to share their opinions and fully utilize their skills and knowledge in their job. We have chances to learn many new things all the time. If there are any problems, we can discuss and help each other as if we were family.  We are willing to help and share knowledge with the departments that we coordinate with, no matter how far they are.

Bangkok AirwaysWhat is the difference between the cargo business and the passenger business? Which one is more difficult?

If only focusing on sales, there is no difference. When I describe it to someone unfamiliar with this industry I often state that airfreight is essentially the same as passenger. If you have an airway bill, it is like you have a ticket. If you have cargo, it is like you have passengers; the only difference is they cannot speak. Damaged or lost cargo or even late arrival times demonstrate unsatisfactory service. The important thing is we have to take care of cargo the same way we take care of passengers.

What is the biggest obstacle you encounter in your work?

I think the most important obstacle is the human element. People are very different, so it makes things challenging and always changing. When it comes to our tasks, some tasks will be stable and repetitive, so we know what to expect and how to prepare. This is in contrast with people, where everything is always changing. Therefore, human ability and varied opinions are one of the biggest challenges in any industry, not just airfreight.

How do you deal with stress and develop yourself in your free time?

I love cooking and drawing. At first, I thought I did not have any drawing skills. But after I spent time learning how to draw, now I know I can do it, and I’ve learned that there is more to art than simply what you see. I have learned many things from my art teachers. Art makes my mind more peaceful and opens me up to a new world, with new attitudes toward the world and new ways to live my life. I have learned that I do not have to live my whole life within a box or according to rules. In addition, I love reading psychology books which share ways to develop yourself and to live with other people. Because of my job, I have to coordinate with many people, so paying attention to their needs absolutely crucial.