American Airlines Cargo Pharma

American Airlines Cargo Opens Pharma Cold Chain Facility in Philadelphia

American Airlines Cargo has officially opened the ExpediteTC° cold storage pharmaceutical facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. American Airlines is the only airline in the northeastern United States with this state-of-the-art facility that can handle temperature-sensitive, life science and healthcare cargo. Strategically placed in the northeast pharmaceutical corridor, this high-tech facility and its specially trained employees are key elements in the effective handling of the sensitive, valuable and potentially life-saving products shipped through the international cold chain. This facility is a continuation of American’s investment in the infrastructure to support the ExpediteTC° time- and temperature-sensitive program.

“With our quickly growing network at American, we see a great importance in investing in our infrastructure and people,” said American Airlines Cargo’s president, Mr. Jim Butler. “We will continue to evolve our products and services as needed to ensure these sensitive shipments remain just as safe and potent for the end user as designed by the manufacturer.”

The American Airlines Cargo global training programs are designed to provide each and every employee, handler, ramp personnel with the knowledge and skills to properly handle these delicate shipments.