BFS Organized Suvarnabhumi Airport Cleaning 2015 (1)

BFS Organizes Suvarnabhumi Airport Cleaning

On Friday 21st August 2015, Bangkok Flight Services (BFS) organized ‘Suvarnabhumi Airport Cleaning 2015’ at 9.00 – 12.30 hrs. at the Bird Garden, Suvarnabhumi Airport in a campaign to promote good environment in the airport by collecting trash in 3 areas;
1. Western Park of Passenger Terminal or the Bird Garden
2. Eastern Park of Passenger Terminal or the Boat Garden
3. Area behind the Bus terminal at Suvarnabhumi Airport, in front of Bangkok Air Catering

This event was very well received amongst participating organizations. There was a total of 155 staff participating from 10 various organizations in Suvarnabhumi Airport as follows;
1. Bangkok Flight Services
2. Bangkok Airways BFS Organized Suvarnabhumi Airport Cleaning 2015 (3)
3. Bangkok Air Catering
4. Airports of Thailand
5. Aeronautical Radio of Thailand
6. Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services
7. King Power
8. Thai Airways
9. Suvarnabhumi Airport Cargo Clearance Customs Bureau
10. Immigration Division 2

Ms. Somruthai Prasarttongosoth, Director of Bangkok Flight Services opened the ceremony. In this event, the participants were divided into 3 groups with different organizations with the goal to help each other collect trash and also to build good relationships among organizations. Prior to trash collection, there was a recreational activity which received great support from Bangkok Air Catering who arranged this activity.

In the closing and award presenting ceremony, Mr. Sirote Duangratana, General Manager of Suvarnabhumi Airport presented awards to the winning team which had the heaviest weight of trash.

BFS hopes that this CSR activity will help create environmental awareness of our workplace among the staff working in Suvarnabhumi Airport. This activity was well supported by all participating organizations which helped made this event smoothly successful.