Cargolux Celebrates 45th Anniversary with Special Livery

Cargolux Airlines, Europe’s largest all-cargo airline, celebrates its 45th anniversary with a special aircraft livery that was applied to its 13th 747-8 freighter. The livery was created by Belgian cartoonist Philippe Cruyt, and the aircraft, LX-VCM, named ‘City of Redange-sur-Attert’, was handed over at Boeing’s Seattle plant on September 28 and arrived in Luxembourg the following day with a full cargo load.

Cargolux, an undisputed leader in air cargo, has a product range so extensive it covers everything from every-day cargo to shipments that require special attention and expert handling. With 45 years of experience, the Cargolux team is highly specialized and capable of catering to the most demanding requirements of customers. The anniversary livery on LX-VCM portrays this ability by depicting in a humorous way the many facets of airfreight shipping that Cargolux handle routinely.

Designer Philippe Cruyt is an established illustrator who has illustrated successful educational books on airfreight and environmental topics published by Cargolux in the early 2000s. In addition, he had also worked on the company’s advertising and safety campaigns, calendars and posters. His portfolio also includes cartoon illustrations for children’s and educational books.

The decal on the LX-VCM consists of 460 individual parts and is the biggest that Boeing has ever applied to an aircraft.


Cargolux’s President and CEO, Dirk Reich said, “I’m proud to see this aircraft with a very special paint scheme join our fleet. The 747-8 freighter perfectly suits our worldwide network and its nose-loading and cargo-carrying abilities help us to maintain our leading position in the airfreight industry. Philippe Cruyt’s exceptional livery is a fitting addition to our 13th 747-8F and underlines not only the expertise and experience that Cargolux has gained in handling a wide variety of normal and special freight, but also celebrates the long and colorful history of our company. This aircraft is an ambassador for the passion and the spirit of Cargolux.”

With the introduction of the 747-8F LX-VCM, Cargolux’s freighter fleets are one of the youngest and most efficient in the industry.
The airline was created to operate all-cargo ad hoc and sub-charter flights, and within the first years of operation it was clear that there was a demand for the type of services Cargolux were offering to their customers.

Over the last 45 years, Cargolux has risen to become the largest all-cargo airline in Europe with a fleet of 25 747 freighters. In 2014 alone, they flew a total of 828,658 tonnes of cargo. Today, Cargolux has more than 85 offices in over 50 countries with a total of 1,700 employees. They fly to over 70 destinations worldwide.