IATA Reports Slow Growth in 2015

IATA Introduces Aviation Leadership Development Program

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has opened the Aviation Leadership Development Program in a joint partnership with Harvard Business Publishing (HBP). This marks the first IATA academic program that will be taught in real-time by instructors in a virtual environment. The program will officially open on November 2 2015.

The Aviation Leadership Development Program was designed to cater to the needs of the aviation industry in terms of leadership development. Following a series of intensive discussions by IATA and HBP with key industry stakeholders, an agreement was reaches on identifying strategic business goals, challenges, and trends that would need to be developed of potential senior managers and business leaders.

The discussion resulted in the development of a curriculum of three modules:

  • Leadership and influence
  • Operational excellence
  • Open mindedness and collaboration

A joint IATA-HBP certificate is presented upon the successful completion of the program.

Mr. Victor de Barrena, Director, ITDI, said, “To successfully meet the demand of the doubling of air travel by 2032 will require significant growth in the aviation workforce and the development of future leaders. The cooperation between IATA and HBP has created a world-class opportunity for professionals in the aviation industry. The virtual learning approach of the Aviation Leadership Program will provide participants with the opportunity to develop their business and critical thinking skills, along with the benefit of interacting with their peers worldwide, and of course, without the added cost of travelling and staying out of office.”