Meet Jutamanee Jitprasert, China Airlines

This AFL issue had the pleasant opportunity of interviewing Ms. Jutamanee Jitprasert or “Jane’, Cargo Reservations Agent for China Airlines. Ms. Jitprasert, a talented and optimistic individual, provided us with an insight into her professional experience, and gave an impression of working in a challenging industry.

How did you initially land a position in this industry? Can you share with our readers your past experience?

Actually, I started out my career working for China Airlines. I was interested in the cargo industry since the beginning. Since my sister worked in the same company as well, she suggested that I apply for a job opening for a Cargo Reservation Agent position. After I landed the position, I received the chance to train in Taiwan. Thought, my field of education was unrelated to this industry, China Airlines provided me with the opportunity of learning and improving my knowledge.

Can you share with us your role in your current position?

As a Cargo Sales Representative, I am responsible for a number of things actually, from cargo reservations to cargo claim. Also, I oversee cargo illegality along with sales and sales report. I also coordinate between headquarters located in Taiwan, and our clients.

What is your passion about working in the air freight industry?

Well, I am an active and energetic person. Therefore I love challenging tasks. I enjoy working in the air freight industry as there are numerous problems in need of solving each time. Also, selecting the best solutions to implement to a certain problem can be very challenging at times. For instance, if a flight has been delayed, then we’ll have to scramble and find the solution to manage inbound and outbound cargo. I’m also tasked with dealing with customers and the cargo department. We have to constantly find ways to satisfy customers. These reasons make a career in this industry very stimulating.

What is it about working China Airlines that you find enjoyable?

I enjoy my career with China Airlines as the working environment here is wonderful. All of my coworkers are very supportive. Although dealing with my responsibilities can get quite stressful, I am able to march on with their encouragement. Also, the airline has provided me with a chance to progress with my career. So, the work here is not routine, and I continually hone my skills in a variety of ways.

With a demanding role, how to you keep a lid on stress and pressure?

I am rarely stressed out during the say. Looking at the bright side of things and keeping an optimistic perspective really does help, as I understand the nature of this job and what it demands of me. I perform various activities after work such as running, cycling, and swimming with friends to relax and refresh myself after a long day.

Can you share with us the techniques you employ to perform this job? What advice would you offer the younger generation who want to work in this field?

My advice is that, you have to be calm and patient. You would also need to be flexible and open to change, take things easy and move ahead step-by-step, as the cargo industry is dynamic and constantly evolving. Also, you would often have to think on your feet and cope with pressure placed on you by various individuals. Refrain from applying pressure on yourself though. Performing your job with honesty and dedication will certainly make your working environment enjoyable and successful.