American Cargo Receives Approval for Use of Envirotainer Er1 and Er2 Containers

American Airlines Cargo Permitted to Use Envirotainers

American Airlines Cargo has improved on its temperature-control program with the addition of the Envirotainer e1 and e2 containers to its lineup of healthcare shipping solutions. Starting from 1st November, American will accept both containers. It is therefore the first U.S. passenger carrier to receive carriage approval for the larger RAP e2 unit.

Mr. Tom Grubb, Manager of cold chain strategy at American, said, “American is very excited to receive approvals for the carriage of the Envirotainer e1 and e2 containers. Envirotainer was our original Active solutions partner at the cold chain of the Expedite program, and it’s wonderful to now have a comprehensive range of their products for our clients’ temperature-controlled logistics needs. With these options, American continues to improve on the ExpediteTC service offerings and provide for our customers’ needs.”

The Envirotainer RKN e1 unit operates compressor cooling and electric heating for shipments that require additional temperature control throughout transport. The larger RAP e2 is an actively temperature-controlled container with a protected shell to deliver the best protection required for the transport of highly-sensitive healthcare products. The e2 container can withstand a temperature range between zero and 25 degrees Celsius for the smooth transport of live saving pharmaceuticals worldwide, irrespective of ambient conditions.

The introduction of these containers into American’s cold-chain network allows the airline to offer further enhance the temperature-controlled capabilities for clients. Advantages include superior insulation properties, extensive internal space along with the ability to sustain 35-plus hours of battery life in extreme conditions.