Meet Soodkanueng Mapaisansin, Thai Airways

Meet Mrs. Soodkanueng Mapaisansin, Manager, Revenue Accounting Division of Thai Airways International PCL. With over 25 years of experience in the company, Mrs. Mapaisansin has reached her full personal capabilities and is now a role model to the younger generation of employees. In this interview, we will be discussing her experience in this position and her impressions of Thai Airways.

Could you please introduce yourself and describe your current responsibilities in this position?
I am currently the Manager in the Revenue Accounting Division, which involves checking the accuracy of the data prior to sending out bills to the customers and sales reports.

What are the challenges you face in this position?
The main challenge is bearing the responsibilities and determining the priorities of the workload. It is vital for the information we handle to be accurate and completed within strict deadlines. We need to maintain customer satisfaction by accurately monitoring the information. Another challenge is the management of our internal staff. We have to take care of those who aren’t as experienced and educate them in this field of work. We try to develop their talents so that they can work more effectively.

How do you deal with these challenges?
We must be patient and understand one another. We work in unity and regard each other as siblings.

How do you balance your work and home life?
If there is a big workload, I must dedicate my time to work first. I am lucky to have a supportive family who understands the demands of my job. During my free time I usually go to visit my mother in another province or go to visit my children abroad. This helps me relax.

In terms of work, who is your idol?
I have many role models within and outside the company. They are sincere and dedicated to their work, and this is the attribute that I find in my role models.

What is your impression of Thai Airways?
I am proud to be a part of Thai Airways because it is an organization that really cares about their employees and their families. At Thai Airways, we have proven how much we care as we are always on hand to provide support to the community. For example, in the floods of 2011, we transported supplies to aid victims in the different areas affected. We want to present ourselves as a family orientated company that is keenly active in our corporate social responsibilities.