Meet Sasiphen Klaimanee, DHL Global Forwarding (Thailand)

AFL would like to introduce its readers to Ms. Sasiphen Klaimanee, who is talented and good-humored, and possesses extensive skills and experience in the air cargo industry. Ms. Klaimanee gives us an insight into her professional experience with DHL Global Forwarding (Thailand).

What are your present roles and responsibilities with DHL? Plus, how did you land a position in the logistics industry?

Right now, I am the Head of Airfreight Capacity Management. I am tasked with overseeing airfreight capacity and I coordinate with airlines too. I had the opportunity to land a position in this field as I graduated with a degree in International Transportation Management. After graduating, I continued my studies abroad. As soon as I returned to Thailand, I secured a job with an airline and I had the chance to work with DHL Express for eight years, based in Thailand and Singapore. After that, I got a position with DHL Global Forwarding (Thailand).

What are the main challenges facing your position?

The main challenges found in my position involves interaction and communication  in and outside the company. This is because the tasks which I am responsible require high levels of interaction with many parties, from airlines and carriers, sales, as well as numerous departments within the company. It is necessary to cooperate with every department and understand each other well. It is vital to have accurate information, so we have to operate quickly and efficiently, as time and accuracy are crucial factors in the air cargo business.

What qualities does your position require to succeed?

The most important qualities are: optimism and patience. By staying positive and being committed to your job, you will be able to move ahead no matter what sort of troubles you run into or how discouraging it can be. I personally believe that problems and challenges exist for people to solve. By having faith in yourself, you can enjoy your career and overcome all challenges. A positive outlook can help improve the performance of team members as well.

What are your proudest moments during your career with DHL?

When Suvarnabhumi Airport was unexpectedly closed, DHL faced some major obstacles in transporting and delivering shipments for our clients. We dealt with the situation according to the company’s contingency plans. I coordinated with DHL companies within Thailand and the region. I also arranged for various trucks and facilities to transport and deliver our client’s shipments as smoothly as possible. I felt a sense of pride to have had an opportunity to assist DHL in resolving the issue in an efficient way.

Another event which I am proud of took place when I was based in Singapore. I had the opportunity to help Mr. Frank Appel, Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Post DHL, when Mr. Appel flew to Singapore for a business visit. Complications arose which prevented him from boarding the plane on time. I had the chance to lend a hand by contacting the event’s host to help arrange alternative flights for Mr. Appel. We cooperated with everybody to the best of our ability, until finally we were able to find alternative flights for Mr. Appel to attend the meeting on time. Right after that incident, Mr. Appel personally contacted me and sent an e-mail thanking me, which made me very glad.

What is the phrase that you live by which helps you succeed in your career?

DHL has a phrase which I live by. That saying is ‘Can Do’. If you believe in your ability to perform a task, you will succeed despite the challenges. You have to be motivated to do whatever it takes to achieve the task. I believe this phrase motivates me to succeed with my career.

What advice would you offer the younger generation eager to work in this field?

The qualities we seek when we recruit the younger generation are optimism and patience. In regards to knowledge, we provide them with training programs anyway, but optimism and perseverance, are the main qualities for the younger generation to succeed.