Face to Face

Meet Suwimon Thongkong, Manager, Yusen Logistics’ Chiangmai Branch

We would like to introduce you to Suwimon Thongkong, Manager of Yusen Logistics’ Chiang Mai branch.

Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about your position?

As the manager of the Chiang Mai branch, I take care of both the operations and customer care domestically and overseas through international agents. I also contact airlines, negotiate prices and satisfy customers’ needs as best as possible. In addition, I introduce customers to new products and services.

In your opinion, what do you think is the most challenging aspect of this position?

In this position, I have to take responsibility for all aspects of the branch’s processes. It’s vital to always ready to be able to solve any problems at all times. I have to be able to respond to the customers’ needs, making them satisfied and impressed with the services that we provide so that they would return again. Personally, I feel that we have become successful when customers are happy with our service and are interested in working with us again.

What are the challenges you face working in this industry?

We have to be able to handle and fix problems, offering solutions to clients. I use my learning experiences to effectively respond to their needs. I also require help from everyone in the company. Furthermore, I always need improve myself by continuing to learn, and to update information and the prices. I have to coordinate and negotiate with airlines in order to offer the best prices to the clients and be able to compete in the market. I believe the most important factor for working in this industry is to keep improving yourself and never stop learning. The more knowledge and skills you have, the more you can effectively respond, serve and impress the customers to make them come back again.

What are the key characteristics required for this role?

The most important characteristic, not only for a manager, but for all staff is to be service-minded. Since our job is to serve customers, they are our first priority. We have to be able to respond and offer our best service to them, in order to be a one-stop service.

Having been working at Yusen Logistics for a long time, what are you most proud of?

What I really love about working with Yusen Logistics is that we’re like a family. Yusen Logistics is like a second family to me. Everyone in the company is willing to help and work together as a team. No matter what problems or obstacles we are facing, we can ask for help from every part of the company. Additionally, the board of the company in Thailand is always willing to support, advise and take care of us.