Not the Logistics Efficiency You’re Looking For?

If you search for the definition of ‘logistics’ you will probably come up with results along these lines: Logistics is the management of the flow of resources, not only goods, between the point of origin and the point of destination in order to meet the requirements of customers or corporations. While this is known to be true, the ‘management of the flow’ and the part where it says ‘to meet the requirements of customers’ is, let’s just say, up for further interpretation … as evident by these wacky examples redefining the word ‘efficiency’.



When he brakes, his back plays a crucial part in supporting the cargo.



Just wondering, when did they say “that’s enough for this trip”.



The load plan was specifically designed to allow for an opening for the right arm to maneuver the steering device.



Well, at least he’s not lonely.



Not the best setup for a windy day.



This is pretty eggstreme. See what we did there.



This is just bananas!



The cargo stowage seems pretty consistent here.



That’s saving 3 to 20 trips right there.



Seems like a flawless plan until Dave needs to make a bathroom stop.



Now that’s what you call thinking out of the box.

Apparently, different countries have different criteria for transportation. It is quite common to see different (and unconventional) ways of handling transportation and shipping that may be perfectly normal in some parts of the world (that’s you, Asia) but for others it would be rather unusual. At the end, it is all about trying to squeeze the most out of each trip and realizing your limits in shipping and logistics, which to these guys, the word ‘limits’ doesn’t seem to register too well in their vocabulary.