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Meet Kankamol Sudthanom, Marketing Supervisor for Bangkok Flight Services (BFS)

AFL recently met with Ms. Kankamol Sudthanom or ‘Oat’, Marketing Supervisor for Bangkok Flight Services (BFS)

1. What is your current position and what are your responsibilities?
My position is marketing supervisor and I’m responsible for taking care of three divisions: communications, branding, and events. For me, most of my duties involve taking care of and creating events for our staff, customers, as well as partners in the industry. I have to be creative and try to create events that sync with the strategy of our organization.

2. What do you think are the most important skills or characteristics for this position?
With this position I believe the most vital skills are management and communication skills, because we have to contact and cooperate with both people in and outside of our organization. We have to make sure that everyone understands the message we try to convey. Also, having a friendly attitude and showing courtesy are essential to helping contact and coordinate with others. Another skill needed is being creative. Since most of my tasks involve event management, being creative enables me to craft enjoyable events for our guests. A successful event reflects well on our team and organization, and helps drive us to do well each time we are tasked with creating an event.

3. As part of your responsibilities deal with communications and marketing, is it important to stay up-to-date with all the industry news?
Of course, staying updated and listening to the news in the industry is a necessity. We should know what is happening, what is the trending now, and it’s better to get news from various sources; social media, websites, television, and attending other events. Staying updated helps us to recognize upcoming trends in the market. I believe by attending other events it not only helps to tighten the relationship with our partners in the industry, but also helps to inspire us as well.

4. With the experience working with BFS, what are you most proud of?
After working here, I can proudly say that BFS truly cares about its customers, staff, and the people living nearby the organization. BFS believes that the staff here is a reflection of the organization. Whether the customers are impressed by our service or not, depends on the performance and the personality of the staff. Therefore, BFS often provides various kinds of training courses and skills development for staff. Furthermore, BFS also encourages its staff to learn new about new technology, because BFS believes that technology can help everyone to work smarter and more efficiently. For that reason, BFS takes steps to make sure it is constantly developing and has state-of-art technology. Last but not least, BFS holds CSR activities often so we can all realize how important it is to take care of the environment around the organization. It also helps to build a good working relationship between the employees within BFS as well.

5. Do you have any motto or inspirational quotes?
I always believe that the mistakes we made in the past are the lessons to make a better future. We are not perfect and we all make mistakes. Instead of regretting what we’ve done, we should think of it as a lesson, keep it in mind, and try to not repeat it again. I think we can learn from every mistake we have done. We can all grow from the mistakes and the experiences we have gone through to improve our lives.