Air France KLM Cargo Introduces ‘KOLD KART’ Equipment in Mexico

Air France KLM Martinair Cargo announced that they will be soon implementing the regular use of ‘Kold Kart’ technology in Mexico.

When it comes to carrying temperature sensitive cargo – whether perishables or pharmaceuticals products – keeping the entire logistic chain of transport at the right cool temperature, required both by the shippers and by the products constraints, is a must for airlines whose constant concern is to provide an unbroken cool chain.

This is all the more true for locations – such as Mexico for instance – where high temperatures are experienced on a regular basis and where the ramp operations are quite distant from the warehouse.

This solution enhances the whole cool chain lifetime thus protecting the commodities the best way while reducing waste and extending the shelf life of products transported in these Kold Karts. This equipment is fully compatible with palletized ULDs as well.