Cargo Composites Delivers a Reduction of Repair Costs for Unit Load Devices

Cargo Composites, the leading manufacturer of composite cargo containers for the air transport sector, actively supports the reduction of ULD damage costs, which is an industry wide challenge and impacts ULD operators over the whole asset life. The manufacturer not only continues to invest in achieving the highest level of durability for its lightweight units; it has moreover bucked the recent trend of spare parts price increases and has announced to keep its prices on a stable level throughout 2016 and beyond.

“Committing to no spare parts price increase helps us to build on our model of delivering value. By selling durable units with low repair frequencies at a fair price, we aren’t tying our customers into an asset life of high repair costs and therefore back our promise of lowest total cost of ownership,” says Tom Pherson, President and CEO of Cargo Composites. “Thanks to further improvements in technology, we were able to reduce the costs of certain spare parts and successfully pass this on to our customers – such as an average seven percent reduction in panel prices,” he continued.