CEA Thailand Begins Project with New MRT Purple Line

CEA Project Logistics Thailand have begun a very high profile project with the new MRT Purple Line in Bangkok.

The MRT Purple Line Project is a 23-kilometer elevated heavy rail transit system with 16 elevated stations situated along the route. The project will have a massive impact on the residents of Bangkok and is aimed to serve travel demand between the northwestern suburb of Bangkok in Nonthaburi Province and southern area of Thonburi in the Rat Burana District.


The MRT Purple Line will consist of 21 train sets, each set consisting of three carriages. The motor and trailer carriages are both 21.5 meters long with the trailer carriage weighing in at 34 tons while the motor carriages are 40 tons.

Throughout the next six months the carriages will leave Yokohama in Japan and travel by sea to Laem Chabang Port Thailand. The first six carriages of the project arrived on Friday 18th and have now been successfully delivered to the MRT depot in Bangkok. The next delivery is due on the 26th September.


CEA were awarded the contract based on the experience and expertise they have shown on similar projects of this nature, including the transportation and unloading of the first prototype / models of the purple line carriages last year.

CEA Scope of Work is as follows:

  • Port Supervision to receive cargo at alongside the vessel under hook
  • Customs Clearance formalities of both carriages and equipment required for lifting
  • Transportation of trains and equipment by use of hydraulic trailers to the CEA Free Trade Zone in Laem Chabang
  • Unloading of the carriages onto storage blocks at the CEA Free Trade Zone
  • Storage at CEA Free Trade Zone
  • Loading the carriages onto CEA hydraulic trailers
  • Inland transportation to the MRT Bang Yai Depot in Bangkok
  • Unloading trains at MRTA Bang Yai Depot using specialized 15 ton jacks.