FedEx Cold Chain Center Opens in Memphis

FedEx’s Cold Chain Center recently opened it’s doors at the FedEx Express World Hub in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Built over the past two years at a cost of more than $25 million, the center gives FedEx a competitive advantage in the expanding business of transporting pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, FedEx executives say. The new facility is designed to hold frozen, refrigerated, and controlled room temperature shipments when they’re delayed in transit through the hub.

Richard Smith, FedEx vice president, global trade services, said, “You have approximately one in four health care shipments that are temperature-sensitive, so when you have delays of the regulatory variety, or weather, or potentially mechanical issues, you need a place to store these products at the right temperature range so that the integrity can be protected. And it’s a growing need that customers have.”

“Modern cold chain logistics capabilities are opening up new possibilities for Asia Pacific’s healthcare sector,” said Karen Reddington, president, FedEx Express Asia Pacific. “Today, shipping even the most sensitive products such as biopharmaceuticals around the world, which would have been difficult or impossible just a few years ago, has become easier than ever.  The state-of-the-art FedEx Cold Chain Center Memphis places FedEx firmly at the leading edge of the revolution that is sweeping the global healthcare logistics market.”

While FedEx maintains a variety of cold chain capabilities at points across its network, the Memphis facility is the largest and most advanced in their network.