Meet Ms. Jureerat Surawek from BFS

In this issue of AFL, we had the opportunity of speak to Ms. Jureerat Surawek, Import Manager of Bangkok Flight Service (BFS) who shared with us her experience working with BFS, including her secrets to success.


Ms. Jureerat Surawek

What are your current responsibilities at BFS?

Currently, I am the Import Manager and I oversee all duties related to imported goods. This includes documentation to make sure that goods are delivered to each client in time. I also evaluate employees’ performance and their key performance indicators.

What attributions are necessary to success in your duty?

My experiences from taking on many roles within BFS has all added up and helps equate to the success of my present duty. Furthermore, learning to solve problems, whether it is to come up with a solution or to find an alternate process, is much needed to succeed. To be able to do so, one needs to keep an open mind to identify the roots of the problem that are not seen by everyone.

What do you think are the challenges in your work?

Solving problems is one of the challenges I face in my work. Being able to solve a problem on a daily basis counts as a success at work for me. Problems can occur from any level or process in the organization. As soon as I can identify one, I let the team know right away in order to start finding the solution. Sometimes the team members are the one to propose a solution, but I am the one to make the decision on the proposed solution. Therefore, the biggest challenge for me is to decide on the right solution and place the right team members to solve it.

What aspect of yourself do you think helps you to succeed?

What has been helping me in succeeding is the urge to learn, diligence, and patience. When I first started, I didn’t have any background in logistics. I had to learn how each process works from scratch. I’ve also received great support from my bosses and colleagues who saw my potential, and gave me the support I needed. They’d taught me by assigning me tasks I’d never done before, which inspired me to open up to unfamiliar things and led to great opportunities.

What impresses you the most working with BFS?

The fact that BFS has given me many opportunities impresses me the most. Ever since I started working for this organization, there have always been opportunities where my career progressed greatly. I had the chance to work overseas, and more importantly I’ve met many great friends and colleagues who made my work much more pleasant at times.

Lastly, what advice would you give to the younger people who want to work for this industry?

One important advice for the younger people is to be keen in what you do. If you’re keen on working, have the passion to learn about it, and want to constantly be better at your job; you will definitely succeed no matter what job you hold.