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TIFFA EDI to Utilize SAS Visual Analytics

TIFFA EDI Services have quickly risen to the top spot in Thailand as an electronic data exchange provider, thanks in part to their Value Added Network Services (VANS). They boast the most users in Electronics Cargo Tracking Systems (ECTS) and E-Seal devices. They have chosen SAS Visual Analytics of SAS Software (Thailand) to help them introduce Data Mining to the Thailand logistics industry. The use of this data will assist users in making faster and more accurate decision, in turn helping to bring Thai logistics to a whole new level.

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Mr. Apilak Waengwan, General Manager of TIFFA EDI

“By choosing SAS Visual Analytics to support the use of data for decision making, TIFFA aims to become the leader in electronic logistics data exchange services among logistics providers in all sectors of Thailand. This follows the company’s vision to support government policy, especially the Customs Department which wants to enhance its services by developing an electronic data link among national public organizations (National Single Window: NSW) and in ASEAN (ASEAN Single Window: ASW) in order to facilitate further the trade and transportation in Thailand and ASEAN as a whole,” said Mr. Apilak Waengwan, General Manager of TIFFA EDI Services Co., Ltd.

Government agencies have paved the way for the development of electronic data link system among each country in ASEAN by promoting the ASW.  By helping the logistics industry evolve into ‘borderless logistics,’ it should eventually lead to the unlimited interconnection of trade and transport of the whole world. The main mission of TIFFA is to create a system to facilitate and ensure such links occurs.

“The company’s next mission is to become the provider of ECTS in the whole of the AEC, since the logistics industry in the near future will not just transport within a country, but must be extended offshore inevitably. For accessible transport systems by land, sea, and air, the company has developed ‘iSpot Solutions,’ which is the cargo tracking and safety verifying system (ECTS) that uses GPS and RFID to track cargo throughout its journey to ensure that the goods will be delivered safely. This will be one of the services that helps make TIFFA become the leader of logistics business providers in Thailand,” Mr. Apilak Waengwan continued.

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Mr.Taveesak Saengthong, Managing Director of SAS Software (Thailand)

Beyond these goals, TIFFA is also looking to utilize advanced analytics for decision making support to take advantage of invaluable data in customers’ databases. This is especially valuable in logistics which is a business that has many documents and uncountable amounts of data that has yet to be utilized. This explains why TIFFA looked for business partners, like SAS Software (Thailand), with expertise in business data management, synthesis, and analytics.

Mr. Taveesak Saengthong, Managing Director of SAS Software (Thailand) said, “Currently, many organizations are using software to analyze the status of goods, statistical calculation to gain a competitive advantage, and to support the growth of the industry. The development of electronic data to link national organizations (NSW) and the Customs Department to facilitate and manage the import/export of goods more effectively.”

In Thailand, the retail and transportation business have began using more analytic data when making decisions, but it still pales in comparison to other countries. Utilizing this data will help the world of logistics to develop forward thinking tactics and help accommodate the wave of electronic documents from import/export businesses to become more effective and efficient, enabling them to be able to track the status of goods much easier.