Cargolux Hits Freight Milestone between Luxembourg and Zhengzhou

Cargolux Airlines have announced that cargo volumes on the Luxembourg to Zhengzhou route has surpassed 100,000 tonnes, just eight months after the carrier announced hitting the 50,000-tonne mark last October.

In January this year, Cargolux Group finalized a shareholder agreement and approved a US$77 million investment for a new cargo joint venture with Henan Civil Aviation and Investment Co. (HNCA). Over the past two years, Cargolux and HNCA have worked to establish Zhengzhou Xingzheng International Airport as a key hub in accordance with Cargolux’s ‘Dual Hub Development Strategy’.

Cargolux now operates seven flights per week between Zhengzhou and Luxembourg’s Findel Airport operates a total of over 100 weekly flights into Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taipei. The Zhengzhou-based Cargolux China operation is on track to be fully operational by late 2017, pending completion of all formalities with the Civil Aviation Authority of China, CAAC. The venture will initially launch with three 747 aircraft, with plans to expand to five within the following three years, in addition to the parent carrier’s 24 freight fleet based in Europe.

“We are proud to have established a highly successful cooperation with our Chinese partners in such a short time,” said Cargolux President and CEO, Dirk Reich. “With the help of HNCA, we have been able to build a substantial presence in one of the world’s most important markets. Today, we enjoy a mutually beneficial, successful relationship of trust and respect that has enabled us to reach several historic milestones together. Linking Zhengzhou to Chicago and beyond offers unique opportunities for shippers and manufacturers on both sides of the Pacific and I can happily say that the Cargolux service has been warmly welcomed by our customers in China and the US.”