Jettainer Sets Up ULD station at Leipzig/Halle Airport

Jettainer has added a new base location to its network with Leipzig/Halle Airport. Freight containers and pallets, known as unit load devices (ULDs), will now be available at Germany’s second largest airfreight hub. Airlines can lease them for periods ranging from one day to several months, and if necessary on very short notice.

Ms. Bettina Ganghofer and Mr. Carsten Hernig

Ms. Bettina Ganghofer and Mr. Carsten Hernig

“Leipzig/Halle Airport complements our existing network of JettLease stations in an ideal manner. With the expansion, we are responding to the growing demand for flexible loading equipment solutions at times of peak demand or for ad hoc operations. At the same time, we are working with our local partners to achieve greater customer proximity and improve our services,” said Carsten Hernig, CEO of Jettainer GmbH.

“The JettLease station is an asset for our air freight hub. Our airline customers will profit from the immediate availability of a range of both short-notice and flexible loading equipment solutions,” said Bettina Ganghofer, Special Representative of the Board Air Cargo at Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG.