Jettainer Begins ULD-Management for Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas

Jettainer is set to take over the management of pallets and containers for the Spanish airline Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas.

The young airline uses two Airbus A340-300 aircraft on regular routes between Madrid and destinations in Latin America. A soon to be expected fleet expansion is being planned. In addition, the airline plans to extend its flight network, adding destinations in Asia.

The newly created partnership is the result of Jettainer’s targeted marketing strategy, which focuses on also working with smaller growing airlines right from the beginning. “We want to develop our business with aspiring airlines and grow with them. A solid and long-term partnership is of great importance to us,” explains Thorsten Riekert, Sales Director at Jettainer.

To kick off the collaboration, Jettainer is supplying Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas with approximately 150 units of AKE containers complete with PMC type pallets. Jettainer will not be undertaking full management, but also the maintenance of all units. “For our airline, the global network and long-term experience of ULD-management of Jettainer is what makes them the best possible partner for us. By outsourcing the ULD acquisition, management and maintenance, these processes are carried out with considerably more efficiency than if we had taken it on ourselves. At the same time, this step enables us to free up resource, which can be used for further growth,” says Olaf Schmidt, Vice President of Ground Operations at Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas

The airline offers outbound flights from Madrid to Lima, Peru, and Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. In the future, connections to Panama, Costa Rica, Cuba and Bangkok are expected to be introduced as well.