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Is This Crazy New Design the Future of Air Transportation?

Forget the delivery drone debate, this new hybrid design for a plane-train design takes air transportation to another level.  Developed by a consortium of Swiss researchers, Clip-Air is a bold-looking hybrid machine that takes a different approach to air transportation.


The system is comprised of three capsules that can carry passengers, freight, or fuel; and there’s the actual aircraft carrying it all, with a design reminiscent of a stealth bomber. The capsules can decouple from the aircraft and with their integrated design can continue on their journey by rail or by road. This allows the aircraft to be more flexible and efficient, able to easily swap out capsules.


The consortium is just in the beginning stages of this design, but it does look quite exciting. Imagine what could be done with this lego-esque assemble your own aircraft design. The group’s website does admit that this is still and exploratory project. The website also mentions, “It would take between 40 and 50 years for Clip-Air to become operational using three capsules.” For now, we hope the consortium keeps their head in the clouds and keeps dreaming of new innovative ideas, we may eventually see an idea like this succeed.