Meet Ms. Nawinda Chatapan From Hellmann

For this issue of AFL, we had a chance to speak to Hellmann Worldwide Logistics‘ Ms. Wainda Chatapan, Operation Air Import Supervisor. She shared with us her experience, vision, and advice for keeping yourself energized in your work.

Hellmann's Nawinda

Ms. Nawinda Chatapan

What are your current duties?

My current duties involve overseeing the import of goods, incoming shipments, liaising with overseas and local contacts, working with documentations, contacting forwarders for customers, contacting cargo storage companies, collaborating with airlines, and intra-organization communications.

What are some of the challenges you face in this position?

First off, I want to mention that in airfreight, everything moves in a rush. If our customers are not in a rush to ship their goods, they wouldn’t be using an airfreight service in the first place. This drives us to support customers as much as we can. Although some of the missions are almost, if not, impossible to do; it is our job to get them done as well as we can. That’s where the real challenge is: getting an impossible piece of work done.

How do you handle such challenges?

I like put myself into my customer’s shoes, I have to see things from their perspective. If I were them, what kind of services would I be hoping to receive? Seeing things through this perspective and thinking positively are how I handle these challenges. You have to understand that some challenges occur under a very high pressure situation. Some challenges are not up to only yourself, but are up to the airlines or even uncontrollable variables like the weather. If you can keep thinking positive, you won’t be stressed out by whatever challenges lie ahead.

What is your favorite thing about working with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics?

My favorite thing is working with Hellmann’s directors, my direct superior, co-workers, and the organization overall. Basically, everything that is Hellmann! I have to say, I like how much freedom I have in making decisions and general daily operations from my superiors. They trust me in the things that I do, which makes working here uncomplicated and happy. Also, they are always by my side to support me in case something goes wrong.
What advice can you give to the younger people who want to work in the airfreight industry?

This field of work will constantly offer you challenges; there is always something new for you to learn and tackle. Every single case is different from the next, but all of them require you to be able to see them to a successful end. This is what is exciting about airfreight jobs. They’re not always difficult jobs, but you need to have a knack for servicing. Keep thinking positively, and you will enjoy what you do. Like the saying, ‘work hard, play harder’, and you will find happiness it life. When you work hard and enjoy what you do outside of work even harder; you feel energized once you come back to work.