Swiss 777-300ER Bangkok-2

Swiss’ New Boeing 777-300ER Arrives in Bangkok

Swiss welcomed their new Boeing 777-300ER with specially designed livery at a recent event held at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand.

The new 777-300ER is increasing the amount of cargo able to be handled on this route by 30%, and gives customers in Bangkok the ability to utilize Swiss’ European distribution network and other destinations like North America.

Mr. Tod Mawhinney, Director Head of Cargo Far East, Swiss WorldCargo.

Mr. Tod Mawhinney, Director Head of Cargo Far East, Swiss WorldCargo.

Mr. Tod Mawhinney, Director Head of Cargo Far East said, “I’m excited for this new capacity that’s coming to Thailand. Asia is doing very well for us, both in terms of passengers and cargo. The 777-300ER gives us the profitability for longer flights, and allows us to start investing in further away destinations like San Francisco, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. What’s nice about this new 777 is this increase of 30% cargo capacity also means we’re increasing by 30% to other locations as well; like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. This service doesn’t only feed into our European truck or flight network, but beyond as well.”

“Swiss is known for high quality, and we try to maintain this element of personal service when dealing with all of our customers. While pricing is of course important, there’s still a strong demand for quality service. We have a long history with some of the largest pharmaceutical manufactures in the world that are home to Switzerland. We grew up servicing this industry and maintaining a high quality of service is in our DNA.”

Tood Chairit

Mr. Mawhinney and Mr. Chairit Manosaksaree, Thailand Country Manager, Swiss WorldCargo, check out the spacious cargo-hold of the new 777-300ER.

“The pharma segment is growing and the merchandise is of high value and the manufacturers don’t accept failure. They need an airline that will deliver the quality they need and that’s what we specialize in. Here in Bangkok, perishables are very important and we have specialized services that can fit any operation. Our challenge is to stand out from the crowd, and part of that is making sure customers are aware of our strong history. We are constantly monitoring and optimizing to make sure the quality we offer is as high as we can make it.”