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BFS Reveals the Keys to their Success in Thailand

Ten years of dedication, constant customer service improvement, and adherence to good practices have earned ground service provider Bangkok Flight Services (BFS) the trust of their clientele for over a decade.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of BFS operations at their headquarters located at Suvarnabhumi Airport. BFS was formed as a partnership between Worldwide Flight Services and Bangkok Airways. Under the policies they’ve formed and the work ethics they’ve instilled, BFS has established a loyal client base that has found a ground service provider they can rely on.

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Since their inception, BFS has gone through progressive growth, changes, and development in numerous aspects; such as services, equipment technology, clientele, and workforce. Throughout their growth, BFS’ goal has been to perpetually elevate their standards, services and develop their own human resources to assure shippers of the quality, safety, and quickness of BFS’ service.

Behind the successes of BFS’ continuous development are a highly talented team, cutting-edge technologies, dedicating client relations, and forward-thinking development plans. In this issue of AFL, we had the chance to speak to Mr. John Yep, Director Cargo Service Delivery; Mr. Pinij Nantawannakul, Manager Cargo Operations; Ms. Jureerat Surawek, Import Manager; Ms. Tanyaluck Wiengkaew; and Ms. Petcharat Sutthisom, Customer Care Managers. They shared with us the key dynamics that drive BFS to success and the changes that have occurred in past decade that have made the company what it is today.

Safety and Security

BFS’ internationally-recognized standards of service and safety measures are a key reason why clients have entrusted the ground service provider since their inception. Regardless of sensitivity or preciousness of the cargo, every lot is processed with the same quality conduct and safety precautions. BFS’ successful portfolio is due in part to the diligent work of its highly talented team applying good practices and implementing the latest technologies. All of this comes as a result of BFS’ true understanding of their clients’ greatest need, safety. A strong foundation is laid for all team members from the very start of their duties emphasizing this need for safety.

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We make sure that all team members put safety on the top of their work priorities. Every member is trained and educated on how to correctly handle cargo safely

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Mr. John Yep, Director Cargo Service Delivery

“We believe that the team we’ve assembled are the key to our success, and we constantly place an emphasis on training and skill development. We have a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in place to ensure good practices and to align ourselves with a client’s KPI. Team members are educated on the SOP to keep everyone on the same level of understanding. This ensures that our workforce conduct themselves professionally and adhere to the standardized safety measures. Furthermore, we run a monthly performance review and delivery the results to the clients for transparency. At BFS, we believe that each team member helps drive our overall success, so we encourage each person to pursue advancement in their area of work via leadership workshops and encouraging a succession plan to support them,” said Mr. Yep.

Mr. Yep continues, “Furthermore, my job entails understanding the needs of our clients. Only then can our team truly work in parallel to accomplish what our customers are seeking.” Since the beginning, BFS has always been certified and recognized for their standard of service. They’ve been certified with ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007, as well as been recognized as an ISAGO Provider, RA3, and are TAPA certified.
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Another key to success for BFS’ service is its implementation of cutting-edge technologies that are being kept up-to-date for the purpose of service improvement. Mr. Pinij said, “BFS greatly values technology, as it’s very important to operate efficiently. Apart from a quality team, we utilize internationally recognized cutting-edge technology to help us achieve success. Not only does this technology improve upon the safety of the team members, it also helps smooth out the flow of our work.”

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Mr. Pinij Nantawannakul, Manager Cargo Operations

This is what drives us; the question of how can we develop and utilize the area that we have to its maximum efficiency

Mr. Pinij continues, “Since the start, BFS has gained both clients and team members, while the cargo capacity on-site has remained the same. This is what drives us; the question of how can we develop and utilize the area that we have to its maximum efficiency. This is why we choose to develop technologies to assist us in our work flow, efficiency, and precision. Today, BFS has the capability to process 53 percent of the cargo that comes through Suvarnabhumi Airport”.

BFS has also developed many of their own solutions and techniques, like adjusting shelving according to circumstances and volume of each piece of cargo. Cargo scanners have been installed to record import and export cargo, automatically adjust the shelving to cargo of all sizes, as well as an international-standard X-ray machine. BFS’s cargo warehouse has been recognized as an exemplary warehouse from Worldwide Flight Service (WFS).

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Ms. Jureerat Surawek, Import Manager

Ms. Jureerat says, “We value technology because it helps us deal with cargo quicker, safer, and more precisely. A manager has the ability to access each procedure’s data from any location in the warehouse. We can access all information down to the minute details. In the case of a delay or other difficulties, the system can notify us to fix problems in a timely manner.”

We value technology because it helps us deal with cargo quicker, safer, and more precisely

Ms. Jureerat demonstrates, “This reduces the time it takes to process cargo, while being able to monitor safety within the warehouse at the same time. BFS’s cargo warehouse is also a limited access area exclusive only to those whose duties are involved in cargo handling. For anyone else who doesn’t handle cargo, the area is off limits without permission. This way, our clients can be sure that their cargo is always safe and in the right hands.”

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With a work ethic that values good practices and constant development, clients insist on using BFS’ service. “At the beginning, BFS was challenged in building up trust with our clients. We had to earn their trust by successfully carrying out our services. A great factor to our success, I believe, is the brainstorming we did and getting the team into think tank type of mood. This was because we had to analyse, reflect, change, and development in every aspect. This is very much because we are in the aviation industry where changes constantly and rapidly happen. We have to be alert to keep ourselves updated with the changes to world standard,” Mr. Pinij says.

Customer Care

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One thing our clients can rest assured is that, no matter what happens, they will always have our support

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Ms. Tanyaluck Wiengkaew, Customer Care Managers.

BFS also makes sure it pays perpetual attention to its clients. An agent acts as a representative to contact, advise, and align each party’s understanding. Moreover, the representative has to keep the clients updated on news and changes. Ms. Tanyaluck said, “One thing our clients can rest assured is that, no matter what happens, they will always have our support. They can be sure that we will advise and listen to their suggestions at all time.”

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Ms. Petcharat Sutthisom, Customer Care Managers

Ms. Petcharat said, “Apart from reaching out and creating understanding between the clients and us. We consistently keep everyone updated on the progress of each procedure, so that we will always be able to tell clients where we are at along the procedure. The feedback to this has been incredible, as we’ve received more clients and had to expand the size of our team to be able to cover all of our clients. At the same time, we’re also developing software technologies to speed up and provide better services.”

As we’ve received more clients and had to expand the size of our team to be able to cover all of our clients

Ms. Tanyaluck adds, “My department’s work is to directly service clients. Therefore, our top priority is to make sure that clients are satisfied with the services. We try our best to provide the best possible service to our clients. What we strive for is teamwork on both ends. Apart from providing a reliable and open-minded customer service, we care about both our clients and our team members.”

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BFS in the Next Ten Years
With a constant-development mindset, BFS’ direction in the next decade was forecasted by Mr. Yep, “I believe that we will move towards more technological development. This is because technology really helps us work more smoothly and quickly. Another thing I anticipate in the future is the successful adaptation to the electronic Air Waybill (e-AWB) that will help us reduce the use of paper and improve on how the process is carried out. BFS has always been a big supporter of this shift, and have held workshops to spread the knowledge on this subject. This is because we trust that the shift to e-AWB will help save cost, increase efficiency, and provide an easier access to information. More importantly, BFS aims to elevate its standard in service to the same level with other internationally-recognized service providers all around the world.”