Meet Ms. Kajittapond from Triple i Logistics

For anyone who works in any industry, a common goal is to succeed in what they do. While many have clear ideas of what they want and can quickly go for it; others still lack the inspiration or a path to take towards their success. This issue of AFL, we spoke to Ms. Kajittapond Paliwongse, or Jan, Triple i Logistics’ Senior Air Freight Manager who shared with us the work ethics and secrets to success she has been adhering to for the past 20 years in the industry.

What are the responsibilities of a Senior Air Freight Manager?

My responsibilities include overseeing overall air freight processes. This means I oversee both import and export, international representative shipments, key account shipments, and other complex shipment orders. I make sure that all of our clients are served with a standardized, timely, and impressive services. Furthermore, I also oversee Triple i’s corporate communications between management, sales, and operations.

What are the challenges you currently face with these responsibilities?

The biggest challenge for any air freight business is time. Although a process is planned out very well in advance, there will always be external factors that can disrupt the process. Therefore, any problem that arises has to get sorted out within a time constraint so that any damage is minimized or virtually diminished. At the same time, we have to work out a situation where any damage control turns out to be a win-win situation for all involved parties.

How do you handle these challenges?

What helps us handle our challenges are patience and positive thinking. We tend to think that there is always a way out of any problem. Another thing that helps in subsiding problems and challenges is to open up to other people’s opinions, analyze them, and find the best solution for each situation from the brainstorming sessions.

In your opinion, what does it take to succeed in the job that you do?

The heart of the air freight industry is efficiency and quickness. Therefore, attributes that one needs to succeed here are to be able to think positively, be able to make decisive decisions, work quickly, and always keep an open mind. This is because the industry is under constant changes and requires a lot of understanding in its rules and procedures. This applies to the import-export laws of each country and the smallest details of cargo types. Additionally, patience is always a key factor to success because you have to always be solving problems on a daily basis.

How did you come to work in air freight and what is your work background like?

I started off in the customer relations field of work in the airfreight industry, focusing on exporting. After that, I had a chance to work in operations and sales. My job was to contact clients and airlines. From there, I gained my experience from a number of organizations within the industry, and finally found Triple i Group.

What do you like the most about working with Triple i Logistics?

I have been with Triple i for 6 years, and what I like the most is how much support I get from the organization. I am given opportunities from the management, who always listen to every team member with an open mind. No matter what kind of struggle or obstacle we face, the management team always comes up with advice and support that we need to overcome them. More important, Triple i doesn’t restrict its teams in how they think. Everyone is free to show their potential and work towards positive growth.