Meet Ms. Panida Masrichan from Emirates SkyCargo

This issue of AFL is introducing Ms. Panida Masrichan, Emirates SkyCargo’s Cargo Assistant, who shared with us her enthusiasm, hard-working, and positive worldview when it comes to her work in the airfreight industry.

How did you start working in the airfreight industry?

The airfreight industry was something new to me at the beginning of my career. I had an opportunity to work with the load control station where I had to coordinate with all internal departments, airfreight included. At this job, I got to learn about the big picture of the airfreight industry field of work. When I joined Emirate SkyCargo in December 2015, I finally have the chance to full work in an airfreight-related roll. I finally got to learn more about the details of each procedure.

How much adjustment or time did it take you in learning about an airfreight-related job?

Although I have some background in airfreight industry, I had to relearn many things from the beginning when I started at Emirates. This is because of the numerous small details that I needed to understand in order to work. I spend an ample amount of time in learning from real daily cases. At first there were many challenges, but my senior colleagues were very supportive and always had good words advice for me. This helped me better adapt to and understand my work. Although things can be complicated to understand, I have to keep being positive that everything new is needed to be learned and adapted. Learning about new things should always been considered valuable experiences and a benefit to one’s life.

For your current responsibilities, what kind of skills do you think are the most important?

For my current responsibilities, I think communication skills are the most important. This is because the majority of my work is to speak or email our clients, as well as coordinating information with other activity centers. Therefore, any messages sent have to be clear and straightforward. Any minor errors can cause a ripple effect of bigger error, and leads to a loss of time and resources.


In your experience working with Emirates, what is your favorite thing about your work so far?

Prior to joining Emirates, I imagined it being a very respectable international organization with world renowned standard. When I joined, I got to learn the process it takes for Emirates to be as successful as it is. This motivated me even further to do my best working with Emirates.

Every procedure needs to meet the standard and good practices. My favorite thing about working with Emirates is that every employee will have the chance to attend training sessions in Dubai, and meet with our colleagues from all over the world. We get to make new friends and exchanges our experiences in what we’ve learned, worked on, and to explode the city together. The training course are a part of fun and valuable experiences for me, since I had never been to Dubai before. Again, my senior colleagues helped me prepare for the course, and I had all the motivation to learn and pass the test after the training was done. I received the top mark out of the entire class. The trainers were also very kind and caring. This experience is my favorite thing working with Emirates, so far.

What inspires you to work toward success? Do you have a motto or certain ethics in achieving your success at work?

I get inspired working with people who are both good at what they do and are happy with what they do. This is because you can learn a lot from them. They won’t only tell you how to do that work, but they will also teach you about how to handle different situations. Apart from being able to get the job done, having a positive mindset can be an inspiration for success too. If you’re happy with your job, every procedure and problem solving can be done so smoothly. Any difficulties or challenges are not a problem as long as you enjoy what you do.