Yusen Logistics Indonesia Acquires GDP Pharma Certification

Yusen Logistics Indonesia has become the first logistics business in Indonesia to acquire GDP certification, the industry standard of quality for the storage and transport of medical and pharmaceutical products.

Yusen Logistics Indonesia has been handling pharmaceutical and medical devices more than 10 years, transferring high value, temperature sensitive products all over the world through their pharma network. With demand for advanced quality rising, investing in acquiring GDP certification to verify the quality of its services has become imperative. They can now better assure customers that the transportation quality and shipment safety is being met through strict compliance with GDP guidelines; insured by regular inspections and systematic staff training.

Yusen’s pharma shipping service employs company-owned vehicles with temperature control capability and real-time GPS tracking. Delivery routes are finalized after assessment of transportation risks, with implemented temperature mapping and monitoring. For air shipments, through using systematic cargo management techniques, Yusen Indonesia’s Customs clearance services are faster and more efficient; achieving greater service accuracy.