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Turkish Cargo Showing Loyalty is at the Heart of their Success

A global economic recession has led to lower export volumes all over the world. Shippers are looking for alternatives to save on costs, and some have even turned to land transportation or ocean carriers for their less time-sensitive cargo needs. The current situation calls for airfreight service providers to adapt by developing their services, and promoting their efficiencies and competitiveness with innovative solutions.

Turkish Cargo is a globally recognized airfreight service provider that offers a wide range of services, and continues to efficiently serve clients from many different industries. Turkish Cargo has been growing by leaps and bounds, with over 26 years of experience serving Thai clients. This is due in part to the organization’s perpetual development and innovation of services that keeps them up-to-date with current global situations.

In this issue of AFL, we sat down with Mr. Pisanu Narksusook, Cargo Director of Turkish Cargo’s GSA in Thailand, and discussed with him how the timeliness and safety orientated services that they offer helps to answer their clients’ demands.

Serving with Care

Turkish Cargo Cover Story

Mr. Pisanu Narksusook

Beyond its coverage of over 290 destinations in 116 countries, Turkish Cargo’ reputation ranges far and wide as an organization that serves its clients with care, and is the reason why clients always come back to their service.

“We aim to satisfy our clients with service excellence and a wide-range of destination coverage. These are considered our main service strategies,” said Mr. Pisanu.

The current demands in the cargo transportation industry are not only focused on delivering cargo to its destination, but also the maintenance of the cargo during its transportation. From origin, to destination, and all points in between; airfreight airlines are required to guarantee the safety and perfect delivery condition of cargo at the destination end.

“Normally, Turkish Cargo serves general cargo which includes but not limited to frozen perishable goods, , pharmaceutical goods, live animals, vulnerable goods, valuables. Due to their differing requirements, each type of cargo requires specific ways to maintain its integrity, which is where most emphasis is put in order to prevent any possible damage,” explained Mr. Pisanu. “Additionally, we offer constant status updates of our clients’ cargo at every touchpoint along the trip, so that our clients can rest assured that their cargo is being delivered safely and in a timely manner.”

Efficiency in Teamwork

To be able to work efficiently and to completely answer client demands, trained team members put their best effort forward into working together on each mission. Teamwork is at the core of Turkish Cargo’ ability to carry out each mission smoothly, and to be able to deliver on the goals they set out.

Mr. Pisanu explained how unity is another principle that allows the airlines to find success in each aspect of its business

We hold our employees’ work life quality in high regard. We are family to each other here, and when our employees are happy they work together in unity and with better efficiency. With unity on their minds, our team members are able to work together through any obstacle.

Putting high value on its employees, Turkish Cargo is always looking to develop its workforce potential and elevate their ability to perform. The annual training at their headquarters in Istanbul allows employees the ability to gain the knowledge required to build upon their own working efficiency.

Adapting for Success

It is widely known that competition within the airfreight industry has been increasingly fierce. This is due to newer alternatives and services being offered to industry clients. Ultimately, these circumstances have driven the existing service providers to adapt by trying to serve up different solutions that can better satisfy client needs.

Recently, Turkish Cargo launched a newly renovated 71,000 sqm warehouse located in Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport. The new warehouse features a climate-controlled cargo area alongside space for additional cargo that requires special care, pushing them to be among the very best airfreight logistics centers in Europe. “Our warehouse renovation has attracted a number of new clients. We are now able to serve to more specific needs, support more cargo, and connect to more important cities in Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Asia, and Southeast Asia,” said Mr. Pisanu.

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The renovation of its warehouse has increased Turkish Cargo’ capabilities in distributing and warehousing by 150%, which equates to 1.2 million tons of cargo annually. The renovated warehouse has become an all-round, versatile logistics center that connects the world’s major destinations from a single central location.

Global System Innovation

With the goal of continuously developing their solution and service offering, Turkish Cargo is closely paying attention to its operations, and is continuing to invest into developing an airfreight operation management system of its own. All these investments are done to better its service quality and offering to customers.

“Our organization has invested into the development of COMIS (Cargo Operations Management and Information System) for our international airfreight cargo services. The new system replaces TACTIC, a pre-existing system that has served us for over 18 years. The new system is designed to assist airlines in monitoring cargo temperature at each stage of the transportation. Furthermore, COMIS is able to help airlines representatives in processing cargo information in real-time, insuring that if any mishaps do happen, they can be compensated and resolved in a timely manner, and prevent further liabilities,” said Mr. Pisanu.

Additionally, Turkish Cargo is providing more options for its airfreight clients by offering new solutions that provide quick and safe transportation. “We are now offering TK Plus service, which is an insured express cargo service. It’s a service that guarantees a shipments safety and quickness with global transport available within 72 hours. This service has already been garnering much success and furthers our efforts in developing loyal and happy customers” said, Mr. Pisanu.

Stemming from its success in service and employee development, Turkish Cargo has risen to the forefront of the airfreight industry, and has gained many loyal customers. Turkish Cargo has future plans to develop its infrastructure perpetually, and all this development is put towards providing solutions that better satisfies its clients, and helps them to adapt to future changes within the market.

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