Jettainer Takes Over ULD Management for Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines recently appointed Jettainer as its new service provider for ULD management.

Brussels Airlines has been outsourcing its ULD management for some time and is now switching to Jettainer. In order to guarantee the best possible service, a local ULD controller will be set up at Brussels Airport. Additional efficiency will be created by a Jettainer ground handling support agent, who will control and monitor the ground procedures. Jettainer will look after a fleet of approximately 1,000 ULDs for Brussels Airlines for the next five years and plans to start operating in the spring of 2017.

“Thanks to the new partnership with the world’s leading ULD specialist, we’ll now be provided with innovative and modern containers and pallets even more efficiently,” says Pieter Huyghens, Cargo Operations Manager at Brussels Airlines. “This does not only represent financial savings, but it also supports our efforts to offer more efficient air services and to reduce our ecological footprint.”

“We’re continuing to expand our customer portfolio with Brussels Airlines and are therefore pressing ahead with our growth course. Our excellent customer services and unique innovative solutions in ULD management are clearly making themselves felt in the market place,” says Thorsten Riekert, Sales Director at Jettainer. “The special features of Jettainer services, like our ground handling agents and ongoing developments in our own JettWare software, are generating significant value added and customers are clearly recognizing this.”