TAPA Calls for Greater Sharing of Incident Data for Supply Chain Security

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is calling on law enforcement agencies, insurers, manufacturers and logistics service providers are being asked to share cargo crime intelligence to address the issue of under-reporting of thefts in countries across the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. This call for action comes as the latest data for thefts from supply chains in Q3 2016 shows a total of 489 newly-recorded losses, more than five a day and up 105.4% year-on-year.

Thorsten Neumann

Mr. Thorsten Neumann

Thorsten Neumann, Chairman of TAPA EMEA, said: “Of all the cargo thefts reported to our intelligence database, only around 5% are from TAPA members because generally their supply chains are far more resilient because of the steps they take to protect their products during the transportation process. The growth in the number of recorded cargo crimes is an industry-wide problem and using intelligence is the best possible way to avoid becoming a victim. However, there are still many countries, such as France, Germany, Italy and South Africa, where we believe the majority of thefts from warehouse facilities and trucks are not reported to our IIS.”

He highlights that all cargo crime information sent to TAPA’s IIS is verified before being added to its database and, just as importantly, no company or individual’s names are ever included in the data. “We simply want to know where a crime has occurred, the type of incident, the modus operandi used by thieves, and the products targeted in the attack. The information we receive comes from a wide variety of sources, including law enforcement agencies, insurers and the media as well as manufacturers and logistics service providers and we urge anyone with any relevant intelligence to send it to us at iis@tapaemea.org.”

TAPA Infographic

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Products moving in supply chains in EMEA remained most at risk during the quarter. Five incident categories involving trucks accounted for 437 or 89.5% of the Q3 2016 incidents:
• Theft from Vehicle – 269 or 55.1%
• Theft from Trailer – 88 or 18%
• Theft of Vehicle – 46 or 9.4%
• Truck Theft – 22 or 4.5%
• Theft of Trailer – 12 or 2.5%
TAPA’s IIS also recorded 24 cases of Theft from Facility – 4.9% of all Q3 incidents as well as 10 Hijackings, seven of which took place in South Africa.

In 2017, TAPA EMEA is issuing the latest revision of its Facility Security Requirements (FSR) and Trucking Security Requirements (TSR), recognized as the leading security standards for supply chain security. It is also launching a new secure parking program for all parking owners to help identify and increase the number of secure parking places in the region through certification, partnership and mutual recognition.