Nippon Express Launches “Mexican Eagle Liner Midnight Express”

Nippon Express has expanded its “Mexican Eagle Liner” air cargo services from Japan to Mexico with the launch of the “Mexican Eagle Liner Midnight Express,” offering next-day early-morning arrival in Mexico for cargo shipped from Japan.

The launch of the new service is due to the growing demand from a number of automotive-related companies from Japan and elsewhere that have been establishing operations in Mexico, especially in the Central Plateau region, boosting the demand for the urgent transport of parts and prototypes from Japan.

The standard approach for urgent transport to overseas destinations has been the to hand carry the urgent cargo, in which an employee from Nippon Express or a contracted company boards the same aircraft as the cargo and takes it through customs clearance at the arrival airport as carry-on or checked baggage. However, the time and airfare required for this round-trip makes this approach somewhat problematic.

Nippon Express says that they are the only forwarding company with an operational base (“shed”) inside Haneda Airport handling both domestic and international cargo, enabling them to sort international cargo arriving at the airport via domestic flights and then load the cargo straight onto international flights. The new express service leverages this advantage by loading cargo shipped from locations throughout Japan onto late-night flights bound from Haneda to Los Angeles.  Nippon Express is also responsible for sorting and forwarding cargo upon arrival in Los Angeles, making it possible to have the cargo shipped by air to Mexico that same day.