DSV Completes Temperature Controlled Transport of Live Crocodiles

DSV recently completed a temperature-controlled transport of some very special cargo, as ten young, rare black caiman crocodiles traveled from Denmark to Arizona in the USA at a vital and constant temperature of 25 degrees Celcius.

These black caiman crocodiles are among the first ever to be bred in captivity and are donation from Aalborg Zoo to the Phoenix Herpetological Society.
“These reptiles are very important to us and it is crucial that they are transported under the right conditions. We have worked closely with DSV on many previous occasions and their specialists are experienced and know what is possible. DSV guarantees the correct temperature at every stage of the journey and keeps us well-informed all the way,” says Rikke Kruse Nielsen, Head Zoologist at Aalborg Zoo.

crocTransporting a cold-blooded reptile is quite different than any of type of animal and requires special equipment and procedures. DSV says the best way to transport a crocodile is in a tube with air vents. It prevents them from spinning around and getting stressed and thus there is no need for sedation. Aalborg Zoo had the containers built to specifications provided by DSV.

The containers were provided with heat packs to help maintain the correct temperature and then loaded into a pre-heated truck to be driven to a pre-heated room at the airport. Special heated baggage trucks took the crocodiles to the aircraft’s heated cargo hold. The Arizona climate should be very accommodating for the reptiles new home.