New Cargo Absorbent Packaging Material Released to Solve Condensation Problems

Test Valley Packaging has developed a new range of absorbent products in response to increasing demand from the airfreight industry.

The challenge they set out to address is the contamination/corrosion to aircraft parts in the cargo hold through uncontrolled condensation caused by leakage from frozen products during air transportation.

The answer to this was the development of “Cargo Absorbent”. This product has a barrier coated HDPE Film base which prevents liquid penetrating through to the floor and an absorbent top layer capable of absorbing up to 5 litres of liquid per square metre.

“From extensive discussions with the industry, we understood the risks and costs caused by corrosion and contamination and set our development team the task of finding a solution. We are delighted to have developed “Cargo Absorbent” which solves the problem in a way which is both easy to use and cost effective” said Jerry Steedman, Managing Director.

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