TIACA Urges Caution and Calls for Significant Further Testing and Common Global Standards on Advance Data for Air Cargo Security Screening

TIACA Committee Urges for Progress on Digitization of the Industry

The International Air Cargo Association’s (TIACA) Shippers’ Advisory Committee (SAC) has released a new position paper that was vehement about the need for change, and that all sectors of the air cargo supply chain industry must work together to drive adoption of new technology and greater transparency.

Lars Droog, Head of Supply Chain and General Affairs for Tosoh Corporation, chairs the group and says the aim is to bring the voice of the shipper to existing discussions and initiatives, as well as spark debate on how to innovate, be it adopting new process, or new technology.

Lars J.T. Droog - TIACA - II (17Feb16)

Mr. Lars Droog

“At the moment, the air cargo supply chain requires 21 documents to be sent 40 times, in 20 steps,” according to the SAC paper. “It is complicated, it is expensive, it is outdated, it is slow. A decentralized open platform with a shared collaborative environment would enable seamless integration and real time visibility over freight. We would be eliminating data re-entry and errors, instead having first-time-right data, updated by real time events and maintained to reflect one version of the truth.”

The SAC is also championing innovative technology such as smart labels and intelligent boxes and calling for ways to increase transparency, looking at “new ways to communicate data and providing options that reduce the need for physical consolidations and allow for virtual ones.”

“This is a high level document which will start an important dialogue for the industry,” said Mr. Droog. “Each shipper faces different challenges and has different needs and, in the coming months, we will explore these as part of the conversation. It is only by working together that we will be able to get results and improve the industry.”

“TIACA fully endorses this position paper and we are thrilled that we now finally have the shipper’s voice and engagement to make much-needed changes in the air cargo supply chain,” said Sebastiaan Scholte, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jan De Rijk Logistics, and Vice Chairman, TIACA. “Our members have been asking for more shipper’s involvement for some time and we are very happy to have such an active and enthusiastic advisory committee.”

The full position paper can be downloaded here.

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