Turkish Cargo Receives Cargo Excellence Award in Katmandu

Turkish Cargo was recently awarded with the 2017 Cargo Excellence Award by the members of the Association as part of the 23rd NEFFA (Nepal Freight Forwarder’s Association) Cargo Day held in Katmandu.

Mr. Pratik Sharma, the executive of the General Sales Agent of Turkish Cargo in Katmandu, was presented with the certificate of high achievement and appreciation by Mr. Nanda Kishor Pun, the Vice President of Nepal, at the ceremony during which the representatives of the members of the FAPAA (Federation of Asia Pacific Air Cargo Associations), as well as the government officials of Nepal.

Turkish Cargo helps link Katmandu to the world by transporting products such as cotton, handicraft products, carpets and apparel from Katmandu, from/to which it operates flights 4 days a week by making use of the cargo capacity of the Airbus A330-300.

The said award received by Turkish Cargo, which follows their recently granted Air Cargo Carrier of the Year award in Ghana, stands as a substantial acquisition with respect to country-wide recognition of its operational excellence in the market.