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Qatar Airways Cargo Concludes Chilean Cherry Charter Season

Qatar Airways Cargo recently reported they successfully chartered over 1,400 tonnes of Chilean cherries between November 13th to December 19th, 2017.

To acomplish this, Qatar Airways Cargo operated fourteen Boeing 777F charter flights from Santiago, Chile all the way to Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong via the cargo carrier’s Doha hub, at Hamad International Airport (HIA). This is the second year Qatar Airways Cargo has collaborated with its major customers to transport Chilean cherries on dedicated charter flights.

Mr. Guillaume Halleux, Acting Chief Officer Cargo said, “We are very proud to support and partner with our customers to move these perishables across the globe. Air freight and logistics plays a fundamental role in ensuring the cherry exporters in Chile meet their clients’ needs. Through our solution QR Fresh, we provide a seamless cool chain for all temperature-sensitive shipments, from their origin airport through to their final destination, thus preserving their quality and extending their shelf life. Our product offering for these shipments complemented by innovative services such as the airside cool chain centre at Hamad International Airport, will definitely boost our business while enhancing the cool chain for temperature- sensitive products transiting through our world-class hub in Doha.”

Chilean cherries are renowned and in high demand in China and other Asian countries. Through QR Fresh, the product for perishables and fresh produce, the cargo carrier offers its customers a reliable and seamless cool chain solution for their products. The cargo carrier’s facility at Hamad International Airport is fully compliant with IATA Chapter 17 standards.