Cargo Terminal Operator AGS Takes Don Mueang to New Heights

Triple i‘s Asia Ground Service (AGS) has expanded their Airfreight service footprint with a new International Warehousing Service inside Don Mueang International Airport. Their ambition is to uplift the image of International Air Freight and Warehousing Service; making it faster, more secure, and more efficient.

Triple i Logistics Public Company Limited provides transport and logistics management services both domestically and internationally. Their scope of services covers all three modes of transportation – Air, Sea, and Land, including Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Business arms under Triple i’s umbrella are divided into four major groups: Air Freight Logistics, Sea Freight and Inland Logistics, Logistics Management, and Chemical and Specialty Logistics. All of these groups pursue the same ‘3i’ pillars, ‘integration, innovation, and intimacy.’

Mr. Isarangkul Na Ayudhaya

Asia Ground Service (AGS), an extension of their parent company Triple i, has developed a new International Warehousing Service at Cargo Terminal No.1 at Don Mueang International Airport. The establishment of the new service was initiated after reaching an agreement with the Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT).

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Asia Ground Service (AGS)’s executives Mr. Teeranit Isarangkul Na Ayudhaya, Managing Director, Mr. Aniruth Songsatya, General Manager and Mr. Kittipong Sraubol, General Manager who shared their vision about warehousing services, and they plan to delight their customers by exceeding their needs with their expansion strategy.

Ready to Launch

“The agreement with the AOT stipulated that we would acquire 5,000 sqm of operating area for providing warehousing services. Early on, we were awarded the opportunity to operate Domestic Postal Services in Cargo Terminal No.2 and achieving this agreement fulfilled the scope of our Air Freight Services. We can now provide comprehensive services to our customers and we plan to provide warehousing service in accordance with instructions from the Thai Customs and AOT. The service will be ready to launch by December this year,” said Mr. Isarangkul Na Ayudhaya.

Fast and Precise

AGS is more than ready in both management and operational capacity with a combination of skilled staff and direct experience in warehouse management. AGS’s customers can rest assured that they will get fast, smooth and effective services. Mr. Kittipong Sraubol, the general supervisor of the operation, has 20 years’ experience with major airlines in establishing and managing warehouses in Phuket and Chiangmai International Airport.

“Apart from a huge operating area, we also pay close attention to cargo management processes and the effectiveness of cargo flow. The nature of cargo storage and transportation practices have evolved greatly. Storage times are shortened, and the supply chain cycle is hastened, speed and integrity are vital. Responding to the changing landscape and customers’ needs, AGS is integrating Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Barcode System into our processes. Both systems help to ensure accuracy from our operation from the acceptance of cargo, and storing of inventory, to export and delivery to consignees. We believe that speed and precision are components of quality services and both attributes must go hand-in-hand,” Mr. Sraubol said.

Developing New Successes

Mr. Kittipong Sraubon

While part of AGS’ strength lies in its seasoned staff and experience in warehouse management, they have also laid the ground work for future operational and staff development for younger generations. This way, they will always have a handful of staff ready and able to fill in for the growing needs of their company. A strong workforce in coalition with modern, agile and unified operations helps to ensure the future success of their business.

Mr. Songsatya said: “We believe in the next generation. The industry landscape is changing fast and in order to keep up with new trends, innovation is a necessity. We have also operation training for staff; readying them to better serve customers and for the operation to be in-line with IATA, ICAO, and CAAT standards. For example, training for Dangerous Goods Management, Safety Management System and Aviation Security on top of other operational training certificates. ”

Beyond Warehouse Services

Mr. Aniruth Songsatya,

Beyond their premium services, AGS is always aware of the various needs of customers . They are offer two temperature controlled storage areas for incoming and outgoing cargo. Utmost attention to security has resulted in two Dual-View X-ray machines being installed for inspecting export and transit cargo.

Customers of AGS can also benefit from a wide coverage of destinations wi th transport services connecting Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi International Airport, an extra cross-airport service that is rare to find from other warehousing service providers.

Most importantly, AGS is proud to unveil their plan for lowering the service fees for International Warehousing and Transportation Services. Their aim is to attract more shipping volumes into Don Mueang International Airport and expanding the facility into another major air transportation hub. The airport’s strategic advantage is its location that is closer to the center of Bangkok.
Under the visionary and the dedication of the corporate executives, Triple i have been growing by leaps and bounds. The debut of AGS’s International Warehousing Service will adds another strong pillar to the Group’s Air Freight arm.

Don Mueang International Airport possess both potential and capability to accommodate the fast-growing Air Freight Industry. What we need is a method for sustainable development. Therefore; Public and Private sectors both as clients and service providers need to join hands and improving business reliability, making Don Mueang an outstanding alternative to Air Freight Services

Mr. Vishnu Wacharawanich
Director of Don Mueang International Airport Customs Service Center