Turkish Cargo Transports Lion Cubs and Penguins to New Home

Turkish Cargo reported that they recently relocated 20 endangered Humboldt Penguins to the Public Oceanic Aquarium in China, 14 adult lions to China as well, and 6 lion cubs to Bangladesh.

The air cargo carrier has transported the 20 Humboldt Penguins threatened with extinction and listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), from Latvia (RIX) to China (PVG) on a connecting flight via Istanbul.

The penguins, picked up from the Riga Zoo, were delivered successfully to the officers of the Public Oceanic Aquarium, which is located in China and is one of the largest aquariums in Asia, by means of connecting flight via Istanbul. The penguins were accompanied by Turkish Cargo’s IATA Live Animals Regulations (LAR) certificated personnel and veterinarians,

The air cargo carrier transported 6 lion cubs, accompanied by the IATA Live Animals Regulations (LAR) certificated keepers and veterinarian, to Bangladesh (DAC), 14 adult lions to China, successfully and healthfully as well.

By ratifying the “United For Wildlife (Buckingham Palace) Declaration (UFW)” during the recent months for the purpose of preventing illegal wildlife trade and increasing the industrial awareness thereto, Turkish Airlines has highlighted its cognizance of the live animal transportation processes and animal rights.