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Egypt Air and WFS of Amsterdam and Brussels Extend Partnership

Egypt Air recently awarded a new contract for cargo and mail handling to Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) in Amsterdam and Brussels, continuing its long-standing relationship with WFS at each airport.

The new contract will be in place for three years and will start in March 2018. WFS will be responsible for the handling of all cargo and mail for Egypt Air’s Boeing 737-800, which operates on a daily schedule from Amsterdam to Cairo. Under terms of the new contract, WFS will also handle the 737-800 services from Brussels to Cairo, which operates five times a week.

WFS was also awarded a contract by Egypt Air in 2017 to provide haulage solutions and services to connect Amsterdam and Brussels to the coastal Belgian city of Ostend.

WFS Cargo Contracted awarded by Egypt Air

Worldwide Flight Services Regional Vice President, Marc Claesen, said: “Providing trucking services for Egypt Air in recent months has enabled us to demonstrate the benefits we can offer to our airline customers and our growing relationship has now resulted in WFS now being chosen to provide full cargo and mail handling services at two of the main European airports in Egypt Air’s network. We look forward to supporting the airline’s continued growth in Amsterdam and Brussels and to providing the highest levels of safety, security and service.”

In a statement, Worldwide Flight Services highlighted their other contract accomplishments in both Amsterdam and Brussels over the past 12 months. In Holland, WFS has been awarded new or extended contracts by clients that include Japan Airlines and Oman Air, while the successes in Belgium again include Japan Airlines and Oman Air but also now include new agreements with MNG Airlines and CAL Cargo Airlines. In December 2017, the Worldwide Flight Service’s cargo station located in the Belgian capital became the first station in Europe to receive IATA Pharma Certification.