UPS Boeing 747-8-14

UPS Goes on Boeing Buying Spree with New Aircraft Order

UPS has recently announced a new order for 14 Boeing 747-8 Cargo planes and a further four Boeing 767. These new aircraft will add more capacity in reaction to the increasing demand for their air courier services. Adding to their order in 2016 of 14 747-8 freighters the 32 aircraft will be delivered on an accelerated schedule and completion of delivery is expected by the end of 2022. These new acquisitions will add more than 9 million pounds of cargo carrying capacity. UPS’s expansive fleet now boasts more than 500 aircraft.

CEO and Chairman of UPS, David Abney said “Our intra-U.S. next-day and deferred air shipments are expanding to record levels, and UPS’s International segment has produced four consecutive quarters of double-digit export shipment growth,” he further added, “To support this strong customer demand, we continue to invest in additional air capacity, providing the critical link our customers need to markets around the world.”

Brendan Canavan, UPS Airlines President said, “As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of UPS Airlines today, we are seeing unprecedented demand for our air products, the new freighters will allow us to continue upsizing aircraft on routes and will create a cascading effect that will boost capacity on regional routes around the world.”

46 shipping containers can be carried by each Boeing 747-8 freighter, the main deck can hold 34 while the lower compartments hold 12. The -8 series has a carrying limit of 307,600 pounds which it equates to approximately 30,000 packages and parcels. The -8 series also has an operational range of 4,200 nautical miles.

Each of UPS’s Boeing 767s has a carrying limit of 132,000 pounds, 31 containers in total and a range of approximately 3,000 nautical miles. They are currently 59 767 aircraft in operation with UPS.

Kevin McAllister CEO and Boeing Commercial Planes President said: “UPS has clearly tapped into the power and efficiency the 747-8 Freighter brings to the market, we’re impressed with how UPS is leveraging the airplane in its operations and excited to see them bring additional 767s into their fleet.”