51 Show Jumping Horses Shipped by Etihad Cargo

Etihad Cargo Ships 51 Horses from Belgium to Hong Kong

Etihad Cargo recently shipped a high profile consignment from Belgium to Hong Kong. This special consignment contained show jumping horses that will appear in the Longines Masters held in Hong Kong and is considered the most prestigious event for show jumping in the world. This is the second time in as many years that Etihad Cargo has been chosen to undertake the transportation of these valuable horses.

Eight professional grooms and a veterinarian accompanied the fifty-one horses on the round trip from Belgium’s Liege Airport to Hong Kong International Airport on the island of Chek Lap Kok.

Superstars of the show jumping world were among the special cargo, winner of the Hong Kong Longines Grand Prix Aquila HDC, Cornet D’amour winner of the Paris Grand Prix event along with other worthy champions such as Garfield, Silver Deux de Virton and Pegase du Murier.

Vice President for Etihad Cargo, Justin Carr said, “Longines Masters is the top show jumping event in the world and we are very proud to have been entrusted to bring these prized animals to this competition. Our equine customers are very important to us and our focus on safe, comfortable and reliable services made us a preferred partner for these specialist services. Last year alone, Etihad Cargo’s SkyStables shipped more than 2,500 horses around the world.”

The stars of the equine world were shipped on board a modified Boeing 777 freighter. The configuration of 777 has a special ventilation structure and climate control function both of these features are an integral part of the wellbeing and safe transportation of horses. The Boeing is also equipped with ‘Air Stalls’ for horses, which are fully approved by the IATA. Each ‘Air Stall’ is fitted with a non-slip floor covered with an absorbent material and is replete with water and hay so the horses can remain hydrated and nourished throughout the duration of the flight.

Etihad has at their disposal five Boeing 777 wide-body freighters each having the ability to transport up to 75 horses and 9 grooms.