Delta Cargo Launches New Equation Critical Service (1)

Delta Cargo Launches New Equation Critical Service

American Air Cargo carrier Delta Cargo recently announced the introduction of a new type of service for international shipments, Equation Critical.

The new service is GPS-enabled and has been introduced for the movement of time-sensitive goods and cargo which need to be on the next flight that becomes available. The premium service commands the highest priority of their global network and offers full GPS tracking at Shipments can be tracked anywhere in the world at any time providing peace of mind for their customers.

One major advantage of the new service is the ability to request a critical service up to 90 mins before a flight departs opposed to having to pre-book. Customers with time-sensitive shipments such as on the ground (AOG) components, essential machinery parts and legal documents will the new service a very attractive and affordable option. Critical shipments not only come with distinctive bright pink packaging but are also proactively monitored throughout the journey with Delta’s Cargo Control Center along with a service-level guarantee.

Delta Cargo Vice President, Shawn Cole said, “Following the successful launch and roll-out of DASH Critical in the United States, we have taken that formula to the next level and introduced our new Equation Critical service for international shipments which have the highest boarding priority in our network,” he further added, “With GPS tracking and 100% service level guarantee, we are introducing a service that ensures important international shipments are in the right place at the right time, throughout the shipping process – giving our customers complete confidence when shipping critical and time-sensitive shipments across our global network.”

The Equation Critical Service will launch initially for shipments originating in the following Atlanta, Savannah and London, bound for Quito, Ecuador; Bogota, Colombia, Seoul-Incheon, South Korea; and Johannesburg, South Africa. Both Savannah and London in Atlanta will accept imported shipments. The new Equation Critical will be rolled out to other international markets soon, subject to regulatory approvals and customer demand.